Foam Free Sub Slab Insulation

Foam glass gravel (cellular glass) represents a simplification of sub-slab insulation installation for professional builders and DIY homeowners alike. In contrast with current methods requiring multiple products with complicated installation, cellular glass installation requires only a single product with minimal installation effort necessary.

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Glavel Green Roof

Green Roof Foam Glass Guide

Foam glass is an ideal product for green roof fill. It’s lightweight, moundable, and readily transportable. Landscape architects and designers can take advantage of compacting

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Glavel Compaction

Glavel Compaction 101

Glavel compaction is done at a 1.3:1 ratio. Learn the most effective techniques used to achieve a level compacted layer of product.

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Glavel Install

Installation Guide

Installing Glavel is a far simplified process compared to installing foam board and gravel. Learn the ins and outs of Glavel installation with this guide.

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