Green Roof Fill

High Friction Angle. Lightweight. Free Draining.

As green roof fill, foam glass gravel is a lightweight alternative to stone that allows landscape architects to maximize creativity. Foam glass gravel contours to angles because of its high friction angle and allows for compaction at angles up to 45°. Weight strain and load concerns are mitigated when using Glavel due to its bulk unit weight of 9.8 pounds per cubic foot. The closed cell structure creates R1.7 insulation per installed inch and ensures that moisture isn’t absorbed. 

Delivery is done with 3 cubic yard super sacks, which have a duffel top, spout bottom, and straps that can be picked up by a crane for site maneuvering and hauling. 

Glavel was used as the green roof fill for The Perch at the Capitol One Center in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Learn more about that project here