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Leaders in Low Embodied Carbon Building Materials

Our Mission: Glavel is redefining sustainable construction, offering partners the ability to build responsibly and contribute to a low carbon future.

Glavel, Inc. is a foam glass gravel manufacturer located in Burlington VT.  Foam glass gravel is both lightweight and strong, allowing it to be a preferred material across the construction industry.

With deep ties to Passive House, Founder and CEO Rob Conboy discovered foam glass at the Passive House International Conference in Darmstadt, Germany in 2016. Realizing that foam glass was such an incredibly versatile material, he immediately set out to bring this technology to the United States. Fast forward to 2024, the foam glass industry in the United States is burgeoning, with the material become widely adopted across a number of industries. Namely, residential and commercial subslab insulation, green roof fill, and lightweight fill.

Glavel’s foam glass gravel  is manufactured in Essex VT, where 7,500 tons of recycled glass are transformed into foam glass annually. The plant is the first foam glass gravel plant powered by renewable energy, keeping Glavel’s embodied carbon footprint incredibly low. 

Meet the group that makes Glavel happen.

Photo: Oliver Parini
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