Foam glass is an ideal product for green roof fill. It's lightweight, moundable, and readily transportable. Landscape architects and designers can take advantage of compacting Glavel to create angles and…

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If you’re looking for a low carbon subslab insulation or green roof fill, and want to build foam-free, look no further than Glavel foam glass gravel. Made entirely from recycled…

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Glavel compaction is done at a 1.3:1 ratio. Learn the most effective techniques used to achieve a level compacted layer of product.

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Installing Glavel is a far simplified process compared to installing foam board and gravel. Learn the ins and outs of Glavel installation with this guide.

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Learn the uses, history, and production of foam glass aggregate.

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Glavel, a Vermont-based startup, plans to take recycled glass, grind it into powder and combine it with a foaming agent so it can be a substitute for stone gravel, which is used under building foundations and roads.

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It’s time to end the zero sum game. Social and environmental responsibility should not be at odds with long term viability.

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The relatively high price of this foam-glass foundation base material is offset by the lack of a need for rigid foam sub-slab insulation.

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Burlington entrepreneur Rob Conboy has high hopes for Glavel. The foam glass aggregate he held on a recent afternoon looked like a stone but weighed no more than a sponge.

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Vermont has had mandatory recycling since 2015. Is it working? And where does our recycling go, and what does it become?

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