OnLogic Case Study

Project Overview

Glavel’s foam glass gravel was used as the subslab insulation for OnLogic’s Headquarters in South Burlington, VT. The project management team selected Glavel for its low thermal conductivity, drainage, and high compressive strength. The combination of these elements allowed the project team to achieve sustainability goals, as well as increase job site efficiency. 

Installation Specifics

The 3,500 cubic yard installation was specified at R10. 7.8” of Glavel was compacted at a 1.3 : 1 ratio to 6”, then topped with stone dust to achieve the specified design.

Glavel as a Solution

The OnLogic headquarters prioritized sustainability and low embodied carbon materials throughout the project, which is what led them to specifying Glavel as the subslab insulation component. The purpose of Glavel in this application was to replace both crushed stone and rigid foam board; this streamlined delivery and installation, while reducing embodied carbon in the subslab insulation scope by 87% compared to traditional materials.