Bucknam Bridge Repair Case Study

Project Overview

Glavel was used as lightweight fill on a bridge repair project outside of Portland, Maine. The function of Glavel was to be an abutment against the bridge to reduce load on low quality soil and to prevent erosion on the surrounding landscapes.

Design Challenges

The soft, compressible clay soils beneath the bridge on Bucknam Road presented a challenge that required lightweight fill to prevent structural settling over time. The weight of traditional fill would decrease long term stability, cause shifting,  and decrease safety on the bridge. The clay soil found below drains poorly, which increased the need for a fill material that freely drains over time. 

Glavel as a Solution

Glavel was a lightweight solution that alleviated many concerns typically faced by project engineering teams. Glavel is so lightweight that it reduced the need for structural support while increasing long term bridge stability and viability. The high compressive strength of Glavel meant that the design team didn’t have to sacrifice performance when selecting a lightweight fill. Glavel is both free-draining and closed cell, which means it won’t absorb water over time or slow the progress of water from percolating out of the installation.