Glavel Foundation Insulation System

The Glavel Foundation System is a complete border insulation that insulates the foundation of a building from the ground up.

With the combination of cellular glass boards and foam glass gravel, this system ensures that a foundation will stay thermally insulated and vapor/moisture tight.

The Foundation System is extremely resilient; weatherproof, pest and rot proof, plus thermal insulation make this system reliable for the long haul. Both the board product and foam glass gravel products are made entirely from recycled glass, making them flame proof, with high compressive strength for load bearing applications. The boards do not require formwork, making them efficient on a job site as well.

An installation on a 1000 square foot home can eliminate up to 500 square feet of rigid foam board and up to 800 feet of crushed stone aggregate.

Cross Section Foundation System

Foam Glass Gravel Tech

Glass Boards Tech

Board Tech Specs

For more information regarding the application of the Glavel Foundation System or any other Glavel installations, speak with a representative at Glavel.