The Glavel Foundation System is a complete border insulation formwork that insulates the foundation of a building from the ground up. With exterior facing boards, moisture and vapor are prevented from entering a foundation. Glavel foam glass gravel is used below slab to complete the system.

These glass-derived products are rot and pest resistant, hold high compressive strength, and thermal insulation of R1.7 per inch (aggregate) and 2.7 per inch (boards). When competing against traditional installation methods, the RDS system wins out in resiliency, cost, and environmental friendliness.

Physical Characteristics

Board Insulation

Water resistant – Closed cell structure

Vapor tight – Prevents moisture entry

Non-compressible – 152 psi compressive strength

Thermal insulation – R2.7 per inch

Produced from recycled glass – Categorized as ‘clean fill’

Non combustible – Will not burn, nor propagate fires

Inert – Prevents rodents, termites, bacteria, and rot

Foam Glass Gravel

Lightweight – 9.8 pounds per cubic foot

Load bearing – 116 psi compressive strength

Thermal insulation – R1.7 per compacted inch

Self interlocking – Distributes loads evenly

Closed cell – Acts as a drainage layer

Frost heave resistant – Will prevent freeze and thaw cycles

Water resistant – Closed cell structure facilitates runoff

Example Installation

Cross Section Foundation System

Board Tech Specs

Board Tech Specs

Example Installation 2

GLAPOR Board Edge

With the Glavel foundation insulation system, a healthy, high performance building can be built from the foundation up. The combination of this system can help to create a low-embodied carbon site free from rigid foam board insulation.