Before the advent of the triple bottom line, the agenda of business was profit. Any deviation from that course was a frowned upon theft from shareholders. Though as time has gone one, values-led business has gained traction and created a space for stakeholder engagement. Businesses are now increasingly finding meaningful ways to create and capture value that generates benefit for more than just the singular bottom line.

In 2020, you don’t have to look far to find companies that are responsible down to their core. Look at Ben and Jerry’s; social advocacy has been ingrained in their products since the 1970’s. Patagonia ran a ‘Don’t buy this jacket’ campaign that urged consumers to reinvent their use of Patagonia products before they buy new. There are companies that do good and do well not only for themselves, but for others and the planet too. That’s the sphere that Glavel strives to be in. Our manufacturing facilities will be powered by renewable energy, with raw materials derived almost entirely from recycled content, livable wages paid, and a progressive stance to end the incarceration cycle, we stand for what we believe in. And we believe in fairness, environmental stewardship, and a clean energy future.